Tax Preparation

The Tax Return That’s Right for You

What type of tax return should I file? If I file an EZ, I’ll miss out on my deductions. If I file a 1040A, I can’t itemize. Or…maybe you’re an LLC. Are you a partner or single member? Tax time usually leaves us with more questions than answers.

Fortunately, we’re here for you…

  • Individuals (1040)
  • Corporations (1120 & 1120S)
  • LLC’s
  • Partnerships (1065)
  • Non-profits (990 & 990-EZ)
  • Estate & Trusts (1041)
  • Gift Tax Returns
  • Decedents Final Income Tax Return
  • …and more

Understanding Dependents

In our experience, the one thing most likely to delay your tax return is misunderstandings of the IRS guidelines for dependents. For example, if your child should need to file a 1040EZ for a part time job they may accidentally claim themselves as an exemption. If you also claim them as a dependent, the IRS will grant the exemption to the first tax return to reach its doors (usually your child’s), and refuse the latecomer (usually you). Now you’ve just lost your deduction and delayed your return by months. Talking to a certified public accountant before he/she files his/her first tax return can be a great educational opportunity for your child and may prevent such common mistakes.


Multi-State Tax Returns

Let’s say you work in CA for 6 months out of the year and WA for the remainder. How do you go about filing your tax returns? Well, it is a fairly common occurrence. Come to us and in addition to your WA tax return, we’ll take care of any out of state tax returns that you may have.


How Organized Are You?

What kind of filing system do you use? Old-fashioned yet organized – handwritten general ledger? Good (you’re the exception). Do you have a shoebox full of receipts and tax documents? That’s more like it! But we won’t hold it against you. We’ll help you get organized so in the future doing your taxes won’t seem so daunting.

Being organized could mean the difference between getting the full tax deduction you deserve or missing out on hundreds of dollars you could have written off. For the average individual & family a simple accounting program such as Quicken can help categorize your data. If you are on a budget, is a free program that can significantly make tracking your expenses easier. If you run a business, QuickBooks is an excellent start. Contact us if you need help with any of these programs or suggestions on which one is best for you.

Below is our general organizer to help you gather the information you’ll need for your first tax appointment with us. Also, you’ll find additional mini-organizers for any specific situation that may apply.